Collection management has entered the 21st Century.

 (At a price you can actually afford)

Collection Harbor CMS


Collection management software for museums and private collectors has been stuck in the last century for too long. At Collection Harbor, we listened to museum professionals to build an intuitive web-based CMS that lets you manage your collection efficiently and affordably from any computer.


Collection Harbor runs in the cloud, allowing you to securely access and manage your collection from any computer. No more onerous system requirements, expensive onsite installation processes, or manual updates to worry about!


Because we designed Collection Harbor using the latest advances in software, we are able to offer high-powered features at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Click here to learn how much your institution could save!


Collection Harbor was designed by museum professionals to offer all the powerful features you need in a sleek intuitive design that doesn't require endless user manuals to understand. 

Designed by Museum Professionals and Created for You

We believe the 21st century museum deserves 21st century software, created with the museum professional in mind and focused on increasing your collection's accessibility. 

  • Securely accessible from any computer, allowing employees to work remotely.
  • Customizable features created with your needs in mind.
  • Empowers you to make your collections more accessible to the public as well as within your museum. Break through the silos!

Make Your Museum More Efficient With Our Powerful Features

Collection Harbor provides unparalleled ease in all aspects of collection management, allowing you to focus your time where it matters. 

  • Efficient UI automatically streamlines data into an easily-navigable interface.
  • Smart collections management tools minimize data repetition and misspellings.
  • Easy to use reports feature allows user to curate data when making lists, and to print lists using external software. 
  • Fast and powerful search feature that allows quick and accurate searching of collection.
Museum Collection Management Systems

Jessamyn Conrad, Collection Harbor Founder

I've spent years working with museums, and it always amazed me just how antiquated the technology offerings were, especially in the collection management space. So one day I decided to do something about it. I reached out to a friend who builds software companies for a living and, in consultation with museums pros from across the spectrum, we built Collection Harbor from the ground up to meet the needs of modern museums. But we won't stop there: we're determined to keep innovating and developing our products to ensure you always have access to the latest in modern technology!

Jessamyn Conrad, Co-Founder, Collection Harbor

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